📨 #CryptoRoomDaily

📨 #CryptoRoomDaily

💵 Blockchain developers have seen growth in annual salaries over the past half year.
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🗣 Recently announced BitTorrent Token (BTT) is “basically a marketing machine layered on a very thin veneer of technology,” according to the company’s former executive.
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💻 Organizers behind a recent 51-percent attack on Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain have returned $100,000 to one of the affected exchanges.
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📃 Wyoming state’s local authorities have approved a financial technology sandbox bill.
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🇷🇺 Russian officials have refused to use Venezuela’s national cryptocurrency, the Petro, in bilateral trade with the country.
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Blockchain craze helps push up related salaries
Blockchain developers are commanding a salary premium for their services as the distributed ledger technology has heated up in the enterprise IT marketplace over the past year, but it's also spurring job growth in related fields as well.