📨 #cryptoroomdaily

📨 #cryptoroomdaily

💵 the soon-to-arrive coinflex trading platform will enable its customers to trade in physically-delivered futures contracts for bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether.
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📲 last year, hackers managed to steal millions of dollars in cryptocurrency by successfully carrying out sim swapping attacks.
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🤝 the usd coin (usdc) stablecoin, which was established by a peer-to-peer payments technology company circle and a u.s.-d cryptocurrency exchange coin, is now supported by approximately 100 businesses.
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enezuela has filed a complaint against the usa with the world trade organization (wto), claiming—among other things—that sanctions against its national cryptocurrency petro are “discriminatory.”
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ing the ask me anything session on reddit, cameron and tyler winklevoss said they are still committed to making a bitcoin etf a reality.
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