🔻 What is MOBU?

🔻 What is MOBU?
MOBU is a decentralised platform and end-to-end solution for launching compliant security tokens. Real businesses such as property development companies, gold mines, retail companies and many more will be able to launch security tokens on the MOBU platform.

🔻 Why does MOBU need the blockchain?
MOBU creates a set of rules that govern the issuance of security tokens and program them into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain ensuring transparency and immutability.

🔻 How does MOBU differentiate itself from its competitors?
MOBU solves a distinct problem in a multi-trillion-dollar securities market. Its clear business model demonstrates the unique use of and demand for the MOBU token on the MOBU platform by tender users but also receiving a small percentage of all ICO’s on MOBU to ensure both the success of future ICO’s and financial benefit of MOBU token holders.

🔸 Pre-Sale concluded successfully. Soft cap reached - http://www.mobu.io
🔹Telegram - https://t.me/mobuCHAT

Mobu | The Future Of Security Tokens
MOBU is a decentralised platform and end-to-end solution for STOs to launch compliant security tokens on the blockchain.