💠 ethereum core developers discussed an update to the network’s hashing algorithm that would reduce the incentive to mine ether with asic devices.
via the block

🇯🇵 japan’s financial services agency (fsa) is considering allowing bitcoin exchange-traded funds (etf).
via bloomberg

👩‍⚖️ u.s.-d cryptocurrency exchange kraken received about three times more law enforcement requests in 2018 compared to the preceding year.
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the state of colorado submitted a new bill on crypto regulation, proposing to make cryptocurrencies exempt from certain state securities laws.
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the state of texas may oblige the issuers of stablecoins to obtain specific licenses, updated guidance from the state department of banking says.

The Block
Ethereum Core Devs greenlight ASIC-resistant update, but launch timeline still uncertain
Friday’s Ethereum Core Dev Meeting agenda discussed the approval of a proposal to update the current Ethereum hashing algorithm. The proposal, referred to as ProgPoW, aims to reduce the incentive to mine ETH with ASICs — a specialized mining chip — by optimizing GPU efficiency and minimizing the ..