📨 #cryptoroomdaily

📨 #cryptoroomdaily

🔑 today—ten years after satoshi nakamoto launched the bitcoin network by creating the “genesis block”—the proof of keys campaign started, encouraging users to gain control over their private keys.
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🦅 new york has become the first u.s. state to establish a digital currency task force.
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🇪🇺 the e.u.-d trading platform that is set to launch next monday will enable its customers to purchase tokens representing shares in nasdaq-listed tech firms.
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in 2019, the blockchain technology will become “more useful” and “boring,” according to a forecast by mit technology review.
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coindesk released its annual ranking of the most influential people in the crypto industry, naming binance ceo changpeng zhao as a leader.

The Block
Inaugural ‘Proof of Keys’ campaign set for Bitcoin’s genesis 10-year anniversary
Not your keys, not your bitcoin. That’s the message the inaugural Proof of Keys movement hopes to promote on the 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin’s genesis block on January 3rd. The campaign aims to encourage users that are storing crypto with third-party exchanges/wallets to send their funds to a ..