📨 #cryptoroomdaily

📨 #cryptoroomdaily

🇯🇵 japanese internet giant gmo is leaving the crypto mining industry due to extraordinary loss of jpy 35.5 billion and will discontinue manufacture of all mining equipment.
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🇮🇳 according to a recent report, the indian government might legalize cryptocurrencies, but with strict regulation attached.
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❎ the singapore-d cryptocurrency exchange kucoin has delisted 10 crypto tokens, that have not met strict set of operational criteria.
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bear market has triggered a rise of m&a activity among crypto companies with good liquidity, that have been acquiring numerous successful startups throughout the year.
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prominent crypto investor kyle samani believes that major layoffs at bitmain might be followed by a dump of company's crypto stockpile, which includes a massive number of litecoin and bitcoin cash.