📨 #cryptoroomdaily

📨 #cryptoroomdaily

🍴 in the light of coinmetrics' case study on bitcoin private's coin supply, which found over 2 million of additional units that were covertly minted, btcp core developers are offering to remove illegitimate coins via hard fork.
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🇨🇳 china’s center for information and industry development (ccid) under the country's ministry of industry and information technology has released its latest crypto ranking of 34 projects, with eos taking the first place, followed by ethereum, while bitcoin dropping from the 13th position to the 18th.
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🗓 dr.craig wright believes that with the use of smart contracts bitcoin could become a major means of making automated payments for subion services.
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oldman sachs, morgan stanley, citigroup and barclays and other wall street giants have found themselves in limbo, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and thus are postponing plans to enter this highly volatile market.
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lex pack, a managing partner of dragonfly capital partners: "bitcoin could maybe fall as low as $2,000, or even $1,000, but not $0. for something like bitcoin, which is a landmark in the history of money, it has become a more dependable store of value.”
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Bitcoin Private core developers plan hard fork to remove covertly premined coins
In response to Coinmetrics’ forensic analysis of Bitcoin Private’s coin supply, which found over 2 million additional BTCP coins that were covertly premined, Bitcoin Private core developers are offering their community members two options moving forward: Hard forking the Bitcoin Private network to ..