📨 #cryptoroomdaily

📨 #cryptoroomdaily

🇪🇺 seven southern e.u. member-states have signed a declaration to endorse the use of the blockchain technology.
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💵 bitwise asset management is set to launch two new cryptocurrency funds, supposedly aiming to outperform its rival—grayscale—which is one of the largest and earliest investors in the market.
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📈 a recent study conducted by researchers from imperial college london reveals that pump-and-dump schemes account for about $7 million of monthly cryptocurrency trading volume.
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🌎 r3’s corda settler application will initially support xrp in a move coming after a year-long lawsuit between the two companies that was settled back in september this year.
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Southern Europe stakes a claim to blockchain leadership | Modern Consensus | Cryptocurrency and blockchain news and opinions
Seven European Union member states including France, Spain, and Italy have signed a joint declaration committing them to promoting the use of blockchain technology in providing government services.