Iconiq Holding

Iconiq Holding

Iconiq Holding is building the premier digital asset management ecosystem, creating trusted financial vehicles and business opportunities for investors in the blockchain market, driven by the ICNQ token. The ICNQ token powers the Iconiq ecosystem, creating a harmonic solution to digital asset management. Holders of the token gain exclusive membership to the ICO investment club and fund share classes, available through Iconiq Lab and Iconiq Funds. Additionally, the token is redeemable as a voucher by holders for discounts on ecosystem services.

✔️INCREASING DEMAND: Investors, startups and asset managers may pay partial fees in ICNQ as a voucher in return for discounts in the Iconiq Holding economy, creating systemic, institutional demand for the token in the open market.
✔️DECREASING TOKEN VELOCITY: ICNQ club members unlock premium ICON membership rights and loyalty program rewards by holding large ICNQ token amounts.
✔️LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Iconiq Holding rewards its long time club members with ICNQ loyalty reward token distributions and other loyalty programs.
✔️SUPPLY/DEMAND BALANCING: 10% of redeemed ICNQ voucher tokens will be burned quarterly by Iconiq Holding.

📠 ICNQ Token Information: https://iconiqlab.com/icnq-color-paper 📠


🎬Cancellation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irxDfVREC5w&feature=youtu.be

👉🏼Learn More: https://medium.com/@iconiqlab/iconiq-holding-cancels-the-icnq-token-sale-on-gbx-grid-and-burns-the-unsold-tokens-d67abd7e79ef

🔻The ICNQ token will still be listed on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange with a target of mid-late December.
🔻All Iconiq community members are encouraged to open a GBX account for the ICNQ DAX listing here: https://platform.gbx.gi/register
🔻All 1,112,500 ICNQ tokens that were available for sale on the Grid will be burned

Official Lab website: https://iconiqlab.com
Official Telegram news channel: https://t.me/iconiqnews
Official Iconiq Whitepaper: https://iconiqlab.com/icnq-white-paper