what is bidooh?

what is bidooh?
bidooh is the world’s first facial recognition billboard on the blockchain.
it delivers targeted advertising d on who they are and what they wear. bidooh displays the right message to the right person at the right time, all controlled from an app in real-time.

the market and problem
ital out-of-home advertising (dooh) is growing at a phenomenal rate. the global billboard (ooh) market is currently worth around $34.8bn per annum4 and is predicted to grow to $45.46bn14 by 2021. for the sector, this demonstrates unprecedented growth rate - significantly higher than the 4% for traditional media.
exciting as this is, the market continues to suffer from historic challenges that impact advertisers, publishers and consumers alike. of these challenges, the most often criticized are; the costs borne by advertisers due to too many middlemen; misleading information of targeting efficiency; slow speed to market; and ease of fraud.
a unique opportunity
bidooh has developed its own intelligent and automated digital billboard advertising platform built in the cloud that will leverage blockchain technology to address each of these challenges and more. now, for the first time, advertisers, publishers and consumers can all benefit from a truly global and accessible digital advertising platform. we call it decentralized digital billboards.

developed, proven and already at minimum viable product (mvp) stage and live on bidooh.com, the bidooh platform enables advertisers to buy, upload and manage their own digital advertising in 10 second increments on any bidooh supported publisher billboard screen anywhere in the world.
using either desktop and mobile devices, advertisers will be able to accomplish this process in minutes with the added benefit of selecting or reporting on key demographics including; age, gender, beard/moustache, sunglasses/glasses, number of visits, visit duration, brand recognition, colors, hair color, clothing color and type, value per visit, average dwell time, stores visited, group type, height, body shape, ethnicity and emotion.
publishers can quickly take advantage of the bidooh platform by installing bidooh screens at their chosen locations. where existing screens and infrastructure already exist, an easy to install, low-cost bidooh box can be provisioned. both solutions enable publishers immediate access to bidooh’s global community and reach.

main sale is going on. soft cap passed - https://bidooh.io/.
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