📨 #CryptoRoomDaily

📨 #CryptoRoomDaily

💵 Tether Limited confirmed that it had formed a banking partnership with the Bahamas-headquartered Deltec Bank & Trust Limited.
via The Block

🇺🇬 Binance saw an astounding 40,000 users sign up in its first week of launch in Uganda.
via CoinDesk

👀 American stock market exchange Nasdaq plans to assist cryptocurrency exchanges in eliminating manipulation, scams, and fraud.
via Unbankd

💠 At Devcon 4, MetaMask, which is the decentralized application browser for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, announced a set of new tools and features.
via Decrypt Media

🇨🇳 Chinese activists have turned to the blockchain technology for documenting #MeToo stories.
via Harvard Business Review