📨 #CryptoRoomDaily

📨 #CryptoRoomDaily

📊 Australia’s leading stock exchange operator plans to roll out blockchain technology for settlements in 2021, it said this week. That doesn’t mean it’s buying into the hype around the new system.
via Bloomberg

❗️CoinMarketCap, the most-visited aggregator of cryptocurrency market data, has changed the way it uses data from the Bitfinex exchange in response to a report by CoinDesk.
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🇰🇷 South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) has issued a statement to warn investors to be cautious while investing in cryptocurrency funds, according to documents published on the official FSC website on Oct. 24.
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✅ Swissquote, a provider of online financial and trading services in Switzerland, has announced that its clients can now participate in initial coin offerings through its platform. The Swiss bank takes care of both the execution and the custody of tokens. In addition, the bank offers the trading of five major cryptocurrencies.
via Bitcoin.com

🇯🇵 Japan’s primary financial regulator has formally granted the cryptocurrency industry with a self-regulatory status by allowing an industry body to police domestic exchanges.
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